Current Projects


Bob Ostertag solo. Strozzi Palace, Firenze.


Bob Ostertag Duo Performances

With Roscoe Mitchell. Philadelphia.

A Book of Hours

A Book of Hours, Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires.

Past Projects

One Year Tour (2015–2016)

Bob Ostertag One Year Tour

Bob Ostertag solo. Makassar, Indonesia.

Say No More

Bob Ostertag Say No More

Say No More. Lincoln Center, New York.

Living Cinema

Bob Ostertag Living Cinema

Living Cinema, Taipei


Bob Ostertag Spiral

Spiral. Cowell Theater, San Francisco.


Bob Ostertag PantyChrist

PantyChrist. Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland.

Yugoslavia Suite

Bob Ostertag Yugoslavia Suite

Yugoslavia Suite. Belgrade, Serbia.