In addition to writing books and music, Bob Ostertag has an advanced yoga practice developed over nearly thirty years. Beginning in 2015, he began preparing a simple how-to manual for developing a home yoga practice. The book takes on yoga using the same tools Ostertag has used in music and all his other writing: challenging authority, demystifying power, and democratizing knowledge.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, Bob has rushed the book to completion and is offering it as a free internet download. A modest but hopefully helpful contribution to the crisis.

Download A Home Yoga Companion Free

  • Click here to open a PDF of the entire book in your browser. Then just SAVE to save the entire book to your device. Nearly every e-book reading device, from Kindles to iPads, work with PDF files.
  • If you want an ePub formatted version of the book, click here to link to the PM press site where you can choose between PDF and e-Pub versions.
  • Click here to open more print-friendly version of the book that will not look as good an a screen but will use less printer ink when you print a hard copy. We highly recommend printing the PDF on paper so you don’t have to have a screen nearby while doing yoga! We formatted the PDF to print properly on 8.5×11″ paper, which would not have been our first choice but is the paper people most commonly have in home printers.

We would love to have your email, though this is not required. We will not share or sell your address. And we will not spam you. In all the years since the invention of email, Bob has sent a message to his mailing list exactly once. But at least in theory, it would be nice to be able to get in touch with you sometime. And with most of the world stuck at home, if you would be interested in translating the book into another language, please let us know.

If you really want to give Bob some money for the book, download one of his recordings and chip in some money (all of his recordings are available on a pay-what-you-like-including-nothing basis.) If you want meditative music that might be nice for doing yoga, here are some options:

PM Press has both the PDF and e-Pub formatted files. With PM Press, Bob joins an author list which includes major figures such as Abdullah ÖcalanSamuel DelaneyAngela DavisUrsula K. Le Guin, and Silvia Federici. And note: running a small intelligent book press is a struggle in the best of times. You can order e-books directly from PM Press, get new books to read while sheltering in place without any physical delivery, and cut Amazon out of the deal.

And coming to you from PM Press this fall, Facebooking the Anthropocene in Raja Ampat: Technics and Civilization in the 21st Century. Illuminating essays on garbage, smartphones, pornography, migration, dancing, and climate change.