Whirlwind time in Buenos Aires at the Teatro Colón. Four concerts of my music in four nights. Many different projects. Two world premieres. Barely keeping up with it all. The most exciting part, for sure, was the world premiere of my new project, “A Book of Hours,” with Phil Minton​, Audrey Chen​, and Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø​. Theo Bleckmann​ was very sadly unable to participate due to illness. Tonight, the final concert will feature my long time close friend and collaborator, Pierre Hébert.

I have worked with Phil Minton now and again since 1980, and no matter how often I hear him he never ceases to amaze. This was my first opportunity to work with Audrey and Henrik, two exceptional musicians. Audrey was simply sensational.

In April we will do the European premiere in Prague at the Versus Interpretation Festival, this time with Theo Bleckmann participating. This live “A Book of Hours” ensemble is my first ensemble project for quite a few years, and I could not be happier with it. My hope is that we tour and perform as much as my Say No More Ensemble toured in the 1990s.

Big big thank yous to these amazing musicians, and to Miguel Galperin of the Centro de Experimentación at the Teatro Colón for making these four days possible.


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