My concert in Taipei was maybe the best of the tour so far. In a beautiful theater, a quad sound system, interesting opening acts (including Lim Giong, a major figure in Taiwanese music), and a full house. Organized by Frank Lin: musician, concert organizer, with a record label and a synthesizer shop called Digilog, where I gave a workshop.

Taipei is really a lovely city. After mainland China, it is nice to have air you can breathe and traffic that is manageable. People go at a pace that feels like San Francisco 20 years ago. In fact, a lot about Taipei feels like San Francisco 20 years ago.

There is a very developed contemporary music scene there with a number of virtuosos (like Shih-Yang Lee, an extraordinary pianist) and really creative artists. And an audience into deep listening. All very appealing.

Happened to arrive in Taipei for their LGBT Pride parade, the largest in Asia. Was really nice to be at a “pride” event that was still at a community scale instead of corporately produced.

The theme of Taipei pride was “Challenging Age Limits,” and focused on the rights of teenagers to be sexual, and the isolation of queer seniors from the community. Amazing.


with Simon Tai ( or Yo-Hsun Tai , 戴佑勳). One of the main organizers of Taipei Pride. Super thoughtful and engaging person.


Hyakki Hime, maybe the first person ever to come to a concert of mine in drag, then took me out to gay bars. Thank you!


Taipei Pride organizers


“Challenging Age Limits”

No Age Limit